February 05, 2020

Radical self-acceptance

radical self acceptance. the complete up and the complete down. accept the really wonderful and the really shameful. accept the bad, the good, the pretty, the sad, the lame, the unworthy, the been there done that, the poop face, the acne face, the annoying one the funnny one, the headache, the hungry, the cool, the awkward, the clumsy, the fake, the beginning, the shy, the intolerable. accept the dramatic, the bad dancer, the good dancer, the really over the top happy and the really over the top sad.

What would it look like to completely accept the thoughts and feeling, the mood, the swing, the change in inner temperament. so everything happens. and you gotta flow with it like a current of water. i should start swimming again. flow flow flow water. accept and don't intellectualise. when you intellectualise you are at some level not accepting it and that makes you feel the need to understand it and intellectualise it and figure it out, and conquer it and own it and name it and control it and dominate it. sounds like the western imperial thought process.

what does radical self acceptance look like? what are some things that we just naturally accept almost without trouble? almost like where do we feel ok with uncertainty? today i felt paralysed with fear and unable to do anything but just sleep. had no desire to do or accomplish anything. thats the hardest thing for me to accept that on some days i cannot accomplish anything and that sucks... or does it? accept it.

but im not.

i need to accept that. simply accept that. i am what i am. i am what i am i am what i am i am what i am i am what i am i am what i am i am what i am i am what i am i am what i am i am what i am i am what i am i am what i am i am what i am i am what i am.

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