February 05, 2020

The Motions of Unemployment Part 1

It's been almost exactly one year since I was fired from my comfortable yet high stress and mediocre paying job. It was the first job I had that made me feel like an adult, or what I imagined adult life was all about. Getting a career, having a salary, medical and retirement benefits, and the esteem that comes with feeling like you fit into the world. But things are never what they seem. And really that fitting into the stereotypical mold of adult life is not for me. I cannot conform for the sake of conformity. Nor can I blindly accept things as they are simple because that's how it's been done. In fact, quite contrary to it all I don't fit in. I am still a child inside that wants to play, create, and love with all my heart. Why must I supress that? Obviously growing up I've accumulated more responsibilities and that's okay. Responsibilities help me to get into character to perform as an "adult" or better yet a well adjusted member of society. However as much as I do perform this role and many others on a day to day basis I am no more  certain about life than I was as a child. But I was certainly filled with more joy and excitement as one.
So let's get one thing straight. I'm still navigating this terrain and probably will continue to be just as uncertain ten years from now as I was ten years ago, and that's okay. Just like when I was a child I will continue to learn, explore and bave fun playing. Who says one must change?
Returning to the nearing of my one year terminated anniversary I am inclined to reflect on what has transpired since then. Immediately after losing my job, I sought after a roommate to help me with rent. Of the many replies of interest I received on craigslist only one did not flake out. I see this as the universe sending her to me, because I would not have wanted it any other way. My new roommate was more than just someone to split rent. She is someone who became a very close friend of mine. Not only was she smart, fun, sincere and awesome she was super inpirational to me. I will continue this journey down memory lane in the next post since there really is so much more to share...

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