August 17, 2010

the abusurdity of profession

Maintaining the ability to profess is not deemed professional in a profession where profits are not professed. This obsession with the profession is just about as absurd as the word. I've lost faith in the corporation, I've lost faith in the organization. I've lost faith in the institution and I've lost faith in the edifice that houses them all. We care for thee, we are a charity. We want your money, we are a charity. We want to help, we are a charity. We give back to the world, we are a charity. I cannot see where the charity stands in different place than the corporation. The same one-liner, the same buzz words, the same money driven, status hungry professionals professing their proliferate love for the public sector profits. It's not business casual here, it's fancy dress Friday everyday, because we bend over backwards for those we love and back over forwards for those who don't fall in love with us. Love me, be excited with me, I love you is enough reason for you to sell yourself.

Image Credit: scrapatorium.

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