June 17, 2013

oh tell me why!

and from this story from you i reach along the soiled limbs and taste something ever so richer and deeper, that of the pan and the beauty of the pain and loss of something more profound, well a moment to remove myself from the goad forsaken profundity. When i ask the bald British men if they need help getting somewhere they cower in fear, and reply they know. They make me laugh, and i urge them to stick a weiner in their behind! And we all laugh, over a cup of tea. 

To return, I say this…

It is with great pleasure for me to announce that I have found a source rich in linguistic flavour and melodic symphonies for I feel I am blessed with these favour. But sullenly cursed at the same time, for I have not found my means of taming them. They are wild and little domestic. And love I do. But harder to swallow. 

why questions?

why can i be hating myself one moment?
why can i see the beauty in a throw hanging to dry?
why do i feel so hard some times i weep with poetry and music? 
why do i feel so hard some times i weep with shame and loathing?
why do i feel so aloof from my corporal self?

why do i stink so hard?

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